LuckyVitamin UX/UI
E-Commerce Website Design
UX/UI Lead: Vishal Arora
Creative Direction/Lead Design: Adam Carey
Supporting Designer: Matt Braun, Alisa Wismer

Project Overview
LuckyVitamin is an e-commerce platform that provides customers with quality health & wellness products and professional advice from our in-house team of wellness experts.
Goal: Redesign the Homepage Experience
The old homepage was crowded and a bit disorganized, causing users to become frustrated or deter new users from giving the site a chance. Our team was tasked with the project of redesigning key aspects of the homepage experience.

Updated Homepage Experience

Our team took an “all hands on deck” approach to tackling this website redesign project. We meet bi-weekly as a creative team to review component by component, throwing different approaches and designs on the board. Being a regular part of those design meetings, I offered design options and feedback throughout the entire process.

Upon user research and testing, we found that these new homepage updates resulted in a 10% lift in conversion rates, by improving search capabilities, removing repetitive deals and promotional banners, and displaying LuckyVitamin's value proposition in a prominent space on the homepage.

Updated Product Listing Page Experience

Product Listing Page Redesign
Project Overview
The product listing pages were long, very densely populated results pages that were definitely overwhelming for our customers. The filters were not always applicable or relevant to the category, and we saw a great opportunity for increasing conversion and overall usage on these types of pages.
Our creative team started with a component-by-component approach to redesigning the listing pages, starting with the filtering system, then each individual product "box," followed by a special filterable category page header. Everyone on the team was part of creating different elements that ultimately came together to create this new and improved listing experience.
Product Description Page Redesign
Project Overview
The product description page was arguably one of the most important pages on LuckyVitamin's site. Most customers came to our site through ads, emails or social media, linking them directly to a product page rather than the homepage, so tackling this page was crucial.
By breaking down this page into components, we focused on one at a time, making sure that every element within a larger block met our updated brand and web guidelines, as well as current web accessibility standards.
We all created versions of our "dream pared down buy box," and brought them to our bi-weekly UI meetings, where everyone on the team collaborated and took elements from all ideas to create an updated and more digestible product page.
Each component of the product page was tested as we worked through the design process, and won out over the old versions, significantly improving users' experience and conversion rates across the board.
Goal: Redesign In-Cart Experience
The old in-cart design was cluttered, chunky and altogether confusing for the customer. This lack of clarity and clunky experience was leading some people to abandon carts, or become frustrated once they arrived on this screen.

Updated In-Cart Experience

The creative team was very collaborative on this project. We each came to our bi-weekly meetings with examples of UI carts we liked, and also shared our own pain points when it comes to our own shopping experiences to help inform our design decisions.
The redesigned cart experience resulted in a 10% conversion lift and allowed customers to check out more quickly and efficiently. 

Redesigned Dropdown Navigation & Search Bar AI Functions

Goal: Redesign the Dropdown Navigation & Search Bar
We started with our old navigation and looked at what made it confusing and repetitive, giving us some initial guidelines for what should and shouldn't be included in the redesign. We had many "co-working" sessions where we would design different options together as a team, and compile our different versions into comps that were tested by real user groups.
Using AI-driven search features, and reorganizing this main dropdown, we saw a 14% increase in revenue, 8% lift in conversion, and 50% lift in overall search bar usage.

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